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Blade And Soul KR - All Class ShowCase vs 13th New Class Reveal - June Update 202 Begin a heroic journey to confront dark forces and seek vengeance as a master of the martial arts in Blade & Soul, the free-to-play MMORPG. Enter Your Date of Birth. Submit. Classes. Entraînez-vous en choisissant l'une des 12 classes différentes. Chacune possède ses propres forces, défenses, aptitudes et combos dévastateurs. Maître du sabre. Destructeur. Gardien de la nature. Maître des. Blade & Soul contains nine playable classes. They consist of : Assassin; Blade Dancer; Blade Master; Destroyer; Force Master; Gunslinger ; Kung Fu Master; Soul Fighter; Summoner; Thunderer; Warden; Warlock; Zen Archer; Races and Classes [edit | edit source] Not all classes can be playable with any race. Here is a list of the options available for the different classes: Legend [edit | edit. Blade And Soul CN - Astromance New Class Coming - Gameplay Skills Preview 30/7/2020 - Duration: 1:08. MMOJACKX57 4,256 views. New; 1:08. Blade And Soul KR - 13th Class CG Trailer Astromancer - Big.

[Blade and Soul] Best Class for a New Player: 2019 - Duration: 14:01. EvilDoUsHarm 82,965 views. 14:01 [Blade & Soul] Blade Master - New 3rd Awakening Skills (In Development) - Duration: 3:13.. Destroyer, Blade & Soul Class, Male Gon & Female Gon Class Description: Wielding enormous axes, Destroyers are front-line fighters capable of cutting their way through the middle of any melee. Destroyers use brute strength to absorb attacks, pick up their opponents, and annihilate multiple assailants at once

[Blade and Soul] Best Class for a New Player: 2019 - Duration: 14:01. EvilDoUsHarm 83,686 views. 14:01 [Blade and Soul] First Things to do After Level 55: October 2018 - Duration: 16:01.. Begin a heroic journey to confront dark forces and seek vengeance as a master of the martial arts in Blade & Soul, the free-to-play MMORPG

New class archer. damn it looks good! :O Out of all the martial arts and weapons they go with archer, then again, I think Blade and Soul lost their blades and souls when gunner came out. Why not a class with a spear or Bo or a flippin naginata (which is also kind of a spear) but at least that would make sense. A naginata is not technically a spear. A spear is a specialized weapon for. NCsoft recently announced that the 13th character class for Blade & Soul, 천도사, is arriving in the Korean server on 24 June. Exclusive to the Lyn race, there are actually 2 trees of skills in this new class, one which handles the power of the heavenly body Galaxy, while the other controls the power of the skies Ure According to Blade and Soul team, a new teaser trailer for the game's was released, it revealed the tenth playable class, the Maestro. Meanwhile, as the aspirations of the players, NPH has published and posted information about the configuration of the Blade & Soul game experience Blade And Soul New player guide. In the following i might be going a bit to deep into the game, but you wanted to not waste time.. so here we go. Usefull knowledge: - Until 35+ you nearly dont earn any money at all. Dont waste your unsealing charms or keys. Use them only on necessary stuff (Breakthrough, Evolution Material,.). - Enjoy the story if it's your first character. You will speed. Contrairement aux autres classes, le Maître des éléments préfère infliger ses importants dégâts depuis une position éloignée. Capable de frapper rapidement et d'attaquer en se déplaçant, il apporte une composante dynamique aux combats. Étant par nature moins robuste que les autres classes, le Maître des éléments doit apprendre à se positionner soigneusement pour assurer sa survie

It's about that time again - The Blade and Soul producer has issued the Spring 2018 Producer's Letter.. There's all the usual stuff about what a wonderful X amount of time the game has had, and comments on the changes the game has seen in the past year such as daily log in rewards, the gunslinger class, the addition of the showroom and other fun titbits Contents[show] Classes BladeMaster - Capable of powerful and agile sword maneuvers. Kung Fu Master - Uses their fists and feet to powerfully beat down foes. Force Master - Uses Magic and Aura to destroy enemies with the power of nature. Destroyer - Pure powerful machines capable of smashing through foes with a massive weapon and power. Assassin - Capable of invisibility and sneaking up on foes. New Class Revealed for Blade & Soul. With great power comes great fragility. By Updated: 2 May 2017 2:03 pm. Posted: 23 Feb 2016 1:17 pm. NCSoft has revealed the next class coming to Blade & Soul. Link to the game if you're interested in trying it - In this video NCSoft sponsored me to show you guys the new class that was recently added to the game, The devs are also working on

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I doubt this is real, they never spoil new classes before even announcing them, and they're fully aware of data-miners. They said in an interview that they are going to slow down releasing classes going forward, so while that would not surprise me if they announced a new class in December (2018), since there was no new class announcement last December (2017) A Lyn KFM class, but special like how blade dancer is similar to blade master. And because Lyn are intelligent, psychic abilities wouldn't be to far stretched, it could be similar to what master Hong can do, like get a rage form, be able to block attacks with a chi shield, psychic punch's that have reach, a party type counter, and maybe even a mini chi bomb like what Hong can do Blade & Soul Forums. Existing user? Sign In; Sign Up; This Forum All Content; This Forum; Advanced Search ; English Support More. More . All Activity; Home ; Français ; Classes Classes. Forums. Maître du sabre. 397 posts. Skiin rechercher !! By Nckt; February 13, 2018; Destructeur. 127 posts. Destro en PvE ? By Eolynas; January 11, 2018; Gardien de la nature . 263 posts. Changer son arme.

NEW CLASS? By ReaperJP760, November 4, 2015 in General Discussion. Recommended Posts. ReaperJP760 ReaperJP760 Members; 3 posts; Posted November 4, 2015. It look like there going to be a Gunner class in blade and soul can any GM confirm for me if its true or false? Share this post. Link to post Share on other sites. bug. Blade And Soul Teases A New Class On Their Korean Website May 15, 2018 Marc Marasigan Comments Last week, the Blade and Soul Korean website released a New Update teaser with what looks to be a new class silhouetted in the background with a massive sword reminiscent of Cloud's Buster Sword in Final Fantasy VII L'équipe de NCsoft et Team Bloodlust annonce la sortie d'une nouvelle classe sur Blade and Soul. Il s'agit de la neuvième classe du jeu, lancée pour accompagner et marquer cette période d'achèvement de la saison 2 du jeu. Signé NCsoft, Blade and Soul est un jeu massivement multijoueur accessible en ligne And ofc there will be new class (soul fighter or how it will be called) - kung fu master + force master. P.S. waiting for warlock and for soul fighter to try out. Share this post. Link to post Share on other sites. Tkat Tkat Members; 19 posts; Posted January 29, 2016. Wow about 7 posts in without the little whiny brats saying something along the lines of guns dont fit the lore go back to call.

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Blade & Soul Lineage II Aion: Legions of War. Game . About Media Races Classes Factions Major Updates New Class - Zen Archer. Draw back your bow and let loose with a flurry of sharpened destruction as the new Zen Archer. With ranged capabilities unlike any other warrior, the Zen Archer finds balance and peace in the heat of battle, taking down all those who oppose them with absolute. In Blade & Soul, you'll take part in epic martial-arts action, fighting evil at every turn with your vast array of physical and mystical abilities for anyone checking replies, these are highest available parses, if you don't see a spec or class, there aren't any that are at least et geared + max soul. also there are other variances, like the fame/reputation system and the collection system, and hm levels and gems as always During G-Star 2016 NCSoft revealed a pair of interesting items for the Korean version of Blade & Soul. Most notably a large update will be deployed which will bring the 10th class, Gunslinger, to.. Korean Blade and Soul players can expect a new class soon. Initially the Sky Seer was supposed to be not a new class, but a specialization, that is, the Force Master's third specialization. The title of the film trailer for Sky Seer speaks of a whole new class. You can check it here: While the Korean class name, Temple of Cheondosa, is not very significant, the.

The new class - Warlock in blade and soul will become available on March 2. It is the eighth class to be added to blade & soul. As we all know, there are many players have taken part in the game, and many players have placed a large number of blade and soul gold orders at mmogah. Let's share this good news to you And that class will be released this year (end of year is my guess). So I was wrong about the spear or bow wielder being next but there are more classes yet to come. NCsoft is going to try and make Blade & Soul last a long time, which is great news for those who enjoy the game now. But, I hope that they understand that a new engine, awakenings. The deadly Assassin is the 5th class to grace Blade & Soul: Revolution and the melee class which deals maximum damage using a combination of stealth and fast attacks. Similar to the PC version's Assassin, players can lay traps such as mines and trap enemies in webs Well, a new class is on its way, and it is a combination of the Force Master and the Kung Fu Master. Dealing damage from afar and from up close is something that wasn't present in Blade&Soul, until now. Using the elemental stance they can bombard enemies with ice from a safe position, or they can tear them apart from close range with the Kung Fu stance

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  1. ~ Official Class Description: Warden ; Difficulty. 3.5/5, Hard: Race(s) Gon, Jin, Lyn: Weapon. Greatsword: Contents. 1 Races; 2 Resource Mechanic; 3 Skills List; 4 Media. 4.1 Screenshots; Races [edit | edit source] This class has race limitations and can only be played with three races: the Gon, Jin, and the Lyn. Resource Mechanic [edit | edit source] File:Resilience.jpg. Resilience. Wardens.
  2. The latest Blade and Soul Producer's Letter from Jonathan Lien gives fans a brief account of what the team has been working on during the first half of 2017. The letter also contained a few important announcements, not the least of which is the merging of servers. To help all players have the ability to experience the new raids, we are consolidating servers on August 9
  3. g in Blade and Soul. Warlock is the eighth class to be added to Blade and Soul. The Warlock (Shaman) class is designed for mid-range combat, as they use talismans that they infuse with magic to use as projectiles, spells, or . summoning.As seen in the trailer for the Warlock class, the Warlocks also have binding abilities which surround enemies and do damage in pulses.
  4. [Blade & Soul] New Skills (BM/FM/KFM/WL/SM/DR/AS) - Duration: 3:02. Intams 209,740 views. 3:02. Euthanizing of a dangerous hive. - Duration: 35:01. nwnjba Recommended for you. 35:01.

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Blade & Soul Revolution's first major update - the arrival of the new Summoner Class! The First Major Update, the new Summoner Class! 1. The most popular Summoner Class has arrived. Take this chance to experience the Summoner Class teaming up with their summoned Familiars to dominate the enemy and revive dead party members! 2. Battle on to determine the strongest Clan in the Occupation Battle. Blade & Soul Complete will feature a reborn world and remastered visual[s] using a presumed upgrade to Unreal Engine 4, which readers will note was part of a vision preview provided by NCSoft back in May of last year. The update will also introduce a new dungeon, a new PvP field, new siege warfare, and touts advanced combat, though information on just what that means is. Blade & Soul contains four playable races. They consist of the powerful Gon, the ambitious Jin, the beautiful Yun and the mischievous Lyn. Each provide a set of classes playable with that race and some share classes with other races. Races could also be available in only one gender. There is no difference in gameplay between races whether. Add new page. Blade and Soul. Items Dungeons Areas Game Community Lore Classes. Add category; Cancel Save. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Fan Feed More Blade and Soul Wiki. 1 Force Master; 2 Alka; 3 Blade & Soul (anime) Explore Wikis Gossip Girl Wiki. Camila Cabello Wiki. Wubbzypedia. Explore properties. Fandom; Gamepedia; D&D Beyond; Muthead; Futhead. Sign in to like videos, comment, and subscribe. Sign in. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue. Remove all; Disconnect; The next video is starting sto

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  1. Blade & Soul Korea teases pair of new classes. By. Bree Royce - May 14, 2018 1:00 PM 5. Play Blade & Soul now. Late last week, NCsoft's Korean-language website for Blade & Soul. began popping a new update tease for players: a silhouette of a fighter-type character wielding one hell of a sword emblazoned with a dragon. The English-language subreddit is rife with speculation; the current.
  2. Blade and Soul combos its way through the week with the new Soul Fighter class, a character designed to benefit patrons suffering from button mashing madness.. The Soul Fighter is probably a similar, oriental version of a hybrid class that has been gaining popularity over the years, despite existing since the beginning of the fantasy genre
  3. Blade and Soul 10th new class is named as Gunslinger, with entirely new weapon models. 2. Ryu is back. 3. Level cap will be increased to 55. 4. Four-man will be removed and replaced by normal and hard mode. 5. The Korean version of Blade & Soul will be going to F2P. In addition, there will be new locations, continuation of the storyline, and more abilities for already existing classes. When.

This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queu Blade and Soul's excellent PVP is buried beneath a mountain of tired MMO tropes that are sometimes frustrating and rarely innovative Blade & Soul Blade and Soul (Level 50 Gunner--- Main Story line/ Dungeon BosseS) 2017-09-20: Blade and Soul (Level 50 Gunner--- Main Story line/ Dungeon BosseS) 2017-09-20: Naruto and Hinata's Wedding, Finally They Get Married! 2017-09-19: Blade and Soul (Level 50 Gunner--- Main Story line/ Dungeon BosseS) 2017-09-18: Seventh Hokage Anniversary (Naruto. Blade & Soul : New class 10th [Gunner] and New Content (lvl 55,ultimate hongmon skill) TrentonKeith18561841. 4:18. Raças e Classes - Blade and Soul. Smuurrffs. 11:08 . Lvl 50+ Maestro Gameplay - Blade and Soul - KR Test Server + Release Date. Hinawi. 11:08. Lvl 50+ Maestro Gameplay - Blade and Soul - KR Test Server + Release Date. Zexidavem. 1:06. Blade and Soul - Maestro Ultimate Skills.

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  1. g to Blade & Soul. The Korean name is 천도사, which can be localized into a number of terms, but let's.
  2. Blade & Soul's Storm of Arrows update goes live Sept. 18. Get ready for some epic pew-pew action when the Zen Archer class arrives in Blade & Soul this month later. The Blade & Soul team is giving players a FREE Zen Archer Bullseye Pack just by registering their NCSOFT Account before September 13
  3. Thankfully, Blade & Soul is remarkably well balanced - likely an outcome of the many years it's been in service in Eastern territories - which means the whole cast of races and classes are.
  4. Blade and Soul erhält weiterhin neue Updates sowohl bei uns als auch in Korea. Die koreanischen Spieler bekommen nun eine völlig neue Klasse, den Sky Seer

Class Blade Master: Profession [[]] Location Moves with storyline: Services First Quest Appearance: Unknown edit: Map Icon Please add a map! Ryu is an orphaned child taken in by the hero as a disciple of the new Hongmoon School. He starts off as a child of very few words, but turns into a passionate, quick study at the school; he disappears after Zulia attacks the school. In the Act 9. would have matched the class a bit better, but hey, maybe they were just trying to distance themselves from a certain MMORPG, that may or may not have tried to copy Blade and Soul.. that has a class called Gunner. Nah! Either way, yes, there's a new class! And it is a gun toting badass, if the clips are anything to go by, and boy. Blade & Soul - NCsoft reveals first image of upcoming new class May 22, 2019 First teased by the development team earlier this January, the official Korean website for Blade & Soul today added a new teaser image to hype the upcoming new class slated to arrive next month blade and soul new class. many people speculated that the 10th class will be the musketeer who has been discussed for many years. in this video, we can notice the musketeer armed with gun, and she can also use grenades. Previous Back News List Next. Related News. Blade And Soul Update:Desolate Tomb Overview & Patch Notes ; Blade And Soul'S Desolate Tomb Update On August 24; Blade&Soul Update. Blade & Soul Tournament Season 2 just concluded in Korea, and the next new class is revealed recently which is a hybrid of Force Master and Kung Fu Master in terms of combat style.Most players are interested in the 9th new class. There was a demo for the new class at the finale of the Tournament which showed one of its abilities that can freeze the time

During a South Korean media event with the Blade & Soul team, it came to light that a new class is in the works. According to MMOCulture, the class will be a ranged damage dealer that will provide.. soul fighter is a hybrid of the kung fu master and force master, the soul fighter can deal explosive damage from a melee and ranged distance, as well as heal allies from across an arena. the soul fighter is only available for the gon and kun races. while, according to the korea player's news, soul fighter is so weak in pvp. more details about bns soul fighter you can visit blade& soul new class - the most powerful soul fighter in bns [PC] Blade and Soul New Class Released [PC] Blade and Soul New Class Released. Results 1 to 1 of 1 Thread Tools. Show Printable Version; Email this Page 24-06-16 #1. George SS. View Profile View Forum Posts Gift Subscription Custom title enabled . Legend Rank. Oct 2005 Join Date. 3,286 Posts [PC] Blade and Soul New Class Released This is a short gameplay with the new class a.k.a the Soul. Blade and Soul - Top 3 Classes For New Players! Hey guys, today I'm going over some classes I think you should check out if you're a new player! Download this video Switch To HTML5 Player [Blade and Soul] 5 Lesser Known Tips and Tricks! Blade and Soul - All Classes Overview [Blade & Soul] Сокровищница (25.03.19.) 230 ключей! Top 10 Most Played MMORPGs in 2018 - What MMOs You. Blade & Soul Warrior New Class 48-50 Leveling and Training Ground. BnS | Opening MSP Soulshields worth 20 stage 6 runs. Blade & Soul NA Fallen Aransu School [Blade and Soul] Is the Square Obsidian Worth It? Blade and Soul VT 1-4 Gunner [EU] 【Blade & Soul】 Aetheria's Female Profiles (Jin, Gon, Yun, & Lyn) [4] Blade & Soul - 20 Quick Tips for Beginners and Veterans *NEW AUDIO* -Skybreak.

Blade & Soul Support Game Support Quest, bug or in-game problem? Bad behavior? Select your new Race and/or Gender. *Race voucher is shown. **Items that are for specific Races or Genders WILL NOT be changed or exchanged. Alter your character, as desired. This is, essentially, the character creation screen. Don't forget to change your character's voice! Confirm your character's new. The new class - Warlock in blade and soul will become available on March 2. It is the eighth class to be added to blade & soul, and we have introduced seven c

Blade and Soul has finally revealed its new class to join in with the group. The Warlock is the eight class to be added in the game starting on March 2 Blade & Soul Korea teases a new archer class arriving in June. By. Chris Neal - May 22, 2019 7:00 PM 1. As much fun as magical gun-fu can be with the Blade & Soul Gunslinger, sometimes you want to go back to basics. Back to a simpler time when a bendy stick and some string could fling pointier sticks into foes. If martial arts and archery are your bag, then a teaser image out of Blade & Soul.

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Blade And Soul Adds A New Class: The Soul Fighter . vgolds.com. Jul. 6, 2016. NCSoft has a new patch for blade and Soul gold Freed. This new update adds the soul fighting the class for the game as well as extensions to existing events, improving PVP, dungeons, and a better quality of life to the game. The Soul Fighter is the second hybrid class that is added to the game. According to the. Blade & Soul Support Game Support Quest, bug or in-game problem? Bad behavior? Account Support Help with passwords, account creation or ? Technical Support Installation issues, crashing during gameplay? Billing Support Unknown charge? Need help making a purchase? Blade & Soul Support. Blade & Soul Support Game Support Quest, bug or in-game problem? Bad behavior? Blade and Ghoul 2019 Update - Temporary Item Reversal Policy; The Character Name I Want Is Already In Use; The Character Name I Want Is Already In Use Lead GM Broncainus May 15, 2019 16:19; Updated; Follow. We will consider releasing the character name of an account under the following conditions: The name was. Blade Master . Brother Hajoon: Lucky for you, I am an expert Blade Master trainer. You may not know your appel from a hilt in the guard, but you will when I get through with you. If you're not too tired from squashing pests, let's keep training. Let's use Rush to quickly take out some Illusions

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Blade & Soul : New ultimate skill all class. Show Description Show Tags Show Categories For Webmasters Description: Skill description: Blade Master 이기어검 (V) Cast condition: Normal stance. xxx damage over 3 hits. Casting of 화령기검 ends 이기어검 status and deals xxx damage. Casting of 뇌전기검 ends 이기어검 status and deals xxx damage. Defense. Blade And Soul Players Talk Potential New Classes written by GlyphMasterson 2017-03-16 In MMORPGs and even RPGs, the idea of classes is something that helps the player be something different from the other player NCSoft has announced that a new ranged class is coming to the action-packed martial arts MMORPG Blade & Soul.On September 18th, the new Zen Archer class will arrive along with the Storm of Arrows update. The Zen Archer is a primary DPS class thatspecializes in fast-paced single target and AoE DPS Blade and Soul game producer Jonathan Lien has unveiled that Dark Origins update with two new high level raids is coming in August. To make players easily finding groups, 5 consolidating servers will be put into use since August 9. Moreover, a new class is on the horizon as well

Blade And Soul New Class Warlock Leveling Challenge.Any Character That Is Level 10 Or Under When Unchained Releases On March 2, And That Reaches Level 45 Before Maintenance On March 23, Will Receive An Upgrade Bundle And First Chance At The Temptation Costume [Blade and Soul] New Player Gear Progression Guide: New for 2018! Blade & Soul : New ultimate skill all class [B&S] 12-Man Hive Queen - Earth SF Tank (#1) [Blade and Soul] New Legendary Jewel/Element Purchase Info! [B&S] Starstone Mines (Volberus) - Earth SF Solo. Blade & Soul: Anicancel Guide (SF/BM/BD/KFM/DES/SUM) [B&S] 12-Man Raven King - Earth SF Tank (Blade & Soul) Master Hong 16 seconds.

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The latest update in Blade and Soul brings a new class to the game as Warlocks get unlocked for the NA and EU region. As of the unchained patch note released on 1st March 2015, the ranged attack class has been the main highlight of the show. However, that is just not the only thing coming to the game of Martial Arts combat. Among the patch notes also mark the opening of Mushin's Tower final. Remember that new Blade and Soul class that NCSoft teased a couple of days ago on the Korean website? The one with the really big sword? Well, the developers have finally revealed the details of the upcoming class in their latest Vision Preview video. According to MMOCulture, the new Tusan class will wield a massive greatsword and will feature high attack and defensive stats. The Tusan will a Blade & Soul has recently updated the producer's letter by Jonathan Lien highlighting some of the events taking place for the past year and also what players can anticipate in the near future. One of them being server consolidation which will fall on August 9th. To help all players have the ability to experience the new raids, we are consolidating servers on August 9. This will affect both. Blade and Soul has its roots in Korea eventually coming to a Western audience 4 years after the move was announced. Martial arts is at the centre of this adventure which just like other games with this focus means reliance on mastering combos for maximum potential, almost creating an experience in line with fighter games. While mastery is important for PvE the combat shines in the PvP realm.

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Blade & Soul Support; Technical Support; Game Performance; Game Support Quest, bug or in-game problem? Bad behavior? Account Support Help with passwords, account creation or ? Technical Support Installation issues, crashing during gameplay? Billing Support Unknown charge? Need help making a purchase? Contact Us . Submit a Ticket; My Tickets; Articles in this section. Crashing At Login; My. 제명 블레이드 & 소울 상호 (주)엔씨소프트 이용등급 15세 이용 등급분류번호 제gc-cc-np-150320-001호 등급분류일자 2015.03.2 Only characters that are Level 36 and higher are able to use the Marketplace, send mail to other characters, and trade with other characters. Please note: characters below Level 36 can still receiv.. Classes in Blade and Soul are quite balance in term of both PvP and PvE. Some classes' weaknesses in certain areas such as defense like the Assassin are compensated by stronger characteristics such as a temporary boost. It's also important to invest skill point in healing and regeneration since you usually have a chance to get a unavoidable hit when on a combat with a powerful enemy. Gear. guide 4) - Gunslinger (Fresh Lv50 PvE) Shadow Rotation New . Blade & Soul Gunslinger - Basic Guides . Part 1 - Gunslinger Leveling Basic Guides. As more and more players are reaching level cap in blade and soul, so I would like to share some video guide on Gunslinger for leveling. I hope it helps most of the new players

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Today NCSOFT West unleashed the much-anticipated Soul Fighter class in Blade & Soul. Bringing a deadly combination of frost and earth abilities, the Soul Fighter merges the fighting styles of two different classes - the Force Master and Kung Fu Master - allowing for expert avoidance, control of the flow of combat and deadly hand-to-hand combat skills Blade & Soul's 2nd Anniversary update introduces a new system that allows you to tailor the look of select costumes and adornments to fit your own personal s... ABC Action News WestNet-HD, the home for WestNet Wireless High-Speed Internet customers in Calgary, Alberta & Santa Barbara California. Access your email, find thousands of high-quality videos, and get the latest news and information NCSoft have announced that they will be launching their new update for Blade and Soul titled Warden's Fury on September 12th, 2018. The Warden's Fury update will continue the epic story arc (Act 9: Cruel Reunion), add the Shadowmoor dungeon, and release their brand new Greatsword wielding Warden class More than a handful of new mobile titles by NCSoft were recently announced with trailers accompanying them. Lineage II M, Aion 2, Blade & Soul 2, and Blade & Soul M (not to be confused with Blade.

The Future of Blade and Soul - MMOGamesTERA – Nexon reveals new Elin-exclusive class arrivingDNF Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave
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